Web plugin

NFSim simulation tool as a web tool

You can easily integrate the simulation tool into your website. After adding your product portfolio, your customers can interactively make an economic simulation of the desired photovoltaic system in combination with other system components such as batteries, water heating, space heating and electric vehicles.

The NFSim web tool consists of:

the web plugin as a front end solution for integration into your website, and
the simulation program itself as a back-end solution, implemented on our NFSim server.

Communication between end users <-> web server of customer <-> NFSim simulation server

Alternatively, we can also provide a custom Ajax interface (JSON) with which the browser can communicate directly.

How to get the NFSim simulation tool running on your website:

You receive all data which you need to communicate with the NFSim server, together with the software template (as a stand-alone page in php code and as a WordPress plugin).
You then carry out the implementation in your website – the plugin can be graphically designed to suit your needs.
All products from your portfolio, such as storage systems, electric heating elements, heat pumps and the like, can be added and saved and appear in a dropdown menu.
Visitors to your website can now enter data according to their personal situation (such as PV size, roof orientation and slope, electricity consumption and profile) and select storage products and / or hot water generation devices to configure the system.
The parameters are then transmitted to the NFSim server, where all relevant energy flows, self-consumption, self-sufficiency and feasibility are immediately calculated and sent back to the front end.
The results and the way they are presented can be designed to suit your needs.
By means of inquiry buttons, customers can directly request a calculated system including all selected components from you and quickly receive an initial offer.
In addition, it’s possible to configure different functionalities for different customer groups. This allows a valuable lead generator to be generated by configuring a separate login area with increased functionality.
Furthermore, you can receive a daily, weekly or monthly report by email showing current access statistics for the web plugin.