Prices for the integration of NFSim into your website

You can easily integrate the NFSim PV calculator into your website using the communication protocol provided by us. After entering your product portfolio, your customers can interactively conduct energy and economic simulations of their desired photovoltaic systems in combination with other system components such as batteries, hot water generation, space heating and electric vehicles.

The table below summarizes the pricing for all modules. The pricing is a combination of a one-off module price plus
• either a subsequent license payment (depending on the average number of calculations per month),
• or a prepayment for 1.000 calculations within 1 year (termination after 1 000 calculations or 1 year, whichever comes first).

Price list – valid from February 1, 2024:

Module One-off (net)Licence (net)
for up to 10.000 calculations per month1
Prepayments (net)
for 1.000 calculations
and 1 year
• 2 PV arrays
• incl. 1 "site area small"2
• Standard profile private household (H0+) and general trade (G0)
€ 2.600,-€ 60,- / month€ 200,-
+ Option "site area medium"2€ 500,---
+ Option "site area big"2€ 1.000,---
+ Option additional electrical or hot-water profile (15 min resolution)€ 290,---
Additional module
€ 1.600,-€ 35,- / month€ 120,-
Additional module
Hot Water
• Heat pump or direct electrical heating
• Standard hot water profile per person
€ 1.350,-€ 25,- / month€ 80,-
Additional module
Space Heating
• Heat pump or direct electrical heating
€ 1.600,-€ 35,- / month€ 120,-
Additional module
Electric Vehicle
€ 1.350,-€ 25,- / month€ 80,-
Additional module
€ 1.600,-€ 35,- / month€ 120,-
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1 For the number of calculations per month, we calculate a 3-month average. For more than 10.000 calculations per month, license fees can be sent upon request.

2 “site area small” is defined as an area of max. 5 000 km² where the boundaries can either correspond to a country border, or be defined by a rectangle or circle. “site area middle” is up to 50 000 km² and “site area big” is up to 500 000 km².

3 NFSim-Logo and Link to NFSim-Website: permanent display of the NFSim logo (min. 62 x 50 px) and linking to on the calculation tool on the customer’s website.