FAQs about the Photovoltaic Simulation Tool

FAQs about the PV Calculator

Which temporal resolution is used for the simulations?
The calculation is done for an entire year with a temporal resolution of 15 minutes, whereby fluctuations in consumption during the quarter hour periods are taken into account.
Can we also look at electric vehicles and space heating with the simulations?
Currently, it is not possible to examine electric vehicles and space heating with the free PV calculator; this function is only available to customers who purchase our web tool.
Which data is used as a basis for the simulations?
The PV yield data is based on data (PVGIS-SARAH2) from the Photovoltaic Geographical Information Systems (PVGIS), assuming optimal (unshaded) conditions.
Why are there discrepancies of several percentage points between own consumption ratios across different online calculators?
The main reason behind this has to do with correct representation (and the know-how), especially of the storage device. Many calculators and simulation tools fail to take account of factors such as battery age, which – over a number of years – can make a substantial difference of 3-5% in the own consumption ratio.

FAQs about the PV Web plugin

What is the billing model for the simulation tool?
In addition to the basic module, several additional modules are available. The license costs are either paid monthly on an ongoing basis (limited to a maximum number of simulations per month) or on the basis of the simulations actually performed by means of an advance payment (1,000 simulations, valid for a maximum of 1 year).
How long am I bound to the contract for? How can I terminate the contract?
The monthly license can be terminated at any time, but no later than 30 days before the license expires. Prepaid payments for a certain number of simulations do not have to be canceled, but automatically lose their validity one year after activation at the latest.
How is the NFSim web plugin installed on our trader platform?
We provide an integration template (php or WordPress plugin) for your website. Alternatively, we can provide you with an Ajax interface with custom JSON protocol. The implementation itself and the graphic fine-tuning must be done by the customers themselves. Of course, we are available to answer any questions which you might have!
In which languages is the NFSim web plugin available?
The NFSim web plugin template is currently available in German and English. Other languages are possible on request.