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The experts when it comes to simulating photovoltaic systems with storage devices

We have been working with the simulation of photovoltaic systems with electrical and thermal storage devices and charging electric vehicles since 2010. We have leveraged this extensive experience to develop an easy-to-use web tool which allows you to make detailed online energetic and economic simulations of photovoltaic systems – combined with hot water generation, space heating and charging devices for electric vehicles.

You can easily integrate the simulation tool into your website.
This enables you to:

offer your customers an online system configuration based on your product portfolio
provide your customers with reliable data on their individual self-consumption and all the relevant energy flows
use visits of seriously interested persons to your advantage (lead generation)
present your customers with clear statements on feasibility and system behavior
provide support to your on-site sales staff for discussions, presentations and decisions or for sales talks
offer your customers the opportunity to read up on the effects of different components on the overall system in advance

We presented some notable simulation results at the Austrian PV Conference in 2014 and 2019 in the form of a poster and won the Poster Audience Award at both conferences!